Liberty Tire Recycling takes pride in announcing that it has the widest grid of facilities that recycle tire in the USA, and is an eco-friendly, single-stop, Atlantic-to-Pacific coastline service that collects tires.

Tires that come in every imaginable shape, size and volume are gathered from an infinite list of consumers located at over 60,000 sites nationwide. Liberty Tire sustains a tight skein of truly doorstep-to-doorstep tire pick up or reclamation facilities along with tire processing units at carefully selected locations across the nation.

Realizing that piles of discarded tires could be dangerous, we have taken appropriate steps to safeguard communities of this hazard. Liberty Tire’s professionals have reworked and remediated in excess of 150 dumping grounds littered with almost 40 million tires that have outlived their useful life during the last seven years, streets ahead of any similar organization within the nation.