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Green Tire Disposal’s Tire Disposal Plus Collection Services

Our fragile environment is profoundly affected by what finally happens to used as well as scrap tires. Green Tire Disposal not only helps prevent some partly roadworthy and the remaining unusable tires from callous disposal in landfills, from littering our lovely landscape, or from being burned, but also contributes to the effectively closure of the open recycling loop. Numerous amazingly novel products like patio tiles as well as parts of an engine are created from rubber crumbs and mulch that result from our shredding of rubber tires, assisting us in becoming a major supplier of these rubber crumbs.

Green Tire Disposal takes in both used plus scrap tires due for disposal from businesses across the the USA . As stated earlier, used tires tend to have some residual life remaining and are generally reused, taking them to the termination of their longevity. Scrap tires head directly for recycling. At Green Tire Disposal, whether totally scrap or partly reusable, the tires coming to our plant are on no account stockpiled or sent further as landfill.

Green Tire Disposal’s Pledge to Inventive Tire Recycling

As an environment-friendly company, inventive proprietary techniques shred tires, separating the tire’s steel, rubber as well as fiber components. Green Tire Disposal recovers 100 percent of each and every scrap tire picked up, ensuring zero emission throughout the entire recycling procedure. If your company or organization owns a large quantity of tires, Green Tire Disposal guarantees proper recycling of your tires. Please get in touch with us for further information.

Green Tire Disposal’s Recycling Process

Through our unique shredding plus grinding procedures, the entire tire is sectioned into its three central constituents:

1. Crumb Rubber
2. Fiber (either nylon or polyester)
3. Steel

These constituents are now usable for manufacturing fresh products – inclusive of new tires!

Out of each 22 lb (10 kg) scrap tire we recycle, we retrieve:

· 12 lb top quality rubber
· Six lb steel
· Four lb fiber

A classic example of Zero Wastage!

What happens next to these scrap tires?

Scrap tires are disassembled to salvage valuable, everyday-use substances.